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I’d like to begin my message by offering my deep and sincere gratitude for the many thoughtful and concerning messages I have received via my social media pages, e-mail, over the phone and in the office.  As many of you are aware, I haven’t been active on my social media sites for over a year now and I feel compelled to share with you the reason for my absence.


The hardships I have overcome and the lessons I have learned this past year have contributed to one of the largest breakthroughs in my life. Through these events, I have experienced a tremendous amount of growth spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally, resulting in a greater sense of purpose and realization. I am very thankful for all that I have endured, the suffering I have experienced has been necessary and instrumental in my journey.


To start, I’d like to share a brief preview of my past history for those who are unfamiliar with my personal story. At the age of 17, I made the move from Iran to NY to begin college and a new chapter in my life. Shortly after making this transition, I developed a series of medical issues including depression and anxiety. About a year later, these issues affecting my health took a sharp turn for the worse and caused me a great deal of pain. The multitude of doctors I saw provided no answers. At the age of 19, shortly after my move to Los Angeles,  I was diagnosed with one of the most severe cases of Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Ankylosing Spondylitis is a debilitating, degenerative, autoimmune condition that affects all body parts including all organs and glands. One of the  main characteristics of A.S. includes the effects on the musculoskeletal system, creating severe arthritis and inflammation resulting in massive calcification around the joints and bones and eventually leading to fusion of these body parts which severely limits any physical movement. It  can often lead to many additional diseases as well.


The first four to five years after I was diagnosed with A.S., life was lived in constant pain and agony. Over time I experienced all of the symptoms and developments the doctors predicted I would have to face. I was filled with disappointment, fear and hopelessness. My prognosis looked extremely grim and the doctors gave facts and assessments that left me with very little hope for my future.


Thankfully, with the guidance and support of the higher source and  many beautiful souls, such as my yogi and especially my mentor, Dr. Welsh, against all odds, my health began to improve. With the implementation of holistic principles, education and drastic changes in my lifestyle and nutrition, I became healthier and stronger. I became passionate, inspired and motivated to follow a new calling in my life; to serve the needs of humanity on their journey toward optimal wellness.


From that point on, my life has been good and healthy for the most part and I am grateful for my many blessings. With the exception of occasional flare ups that have been relatively easy to take care of, my health has continued to improve over the years. My time has been filled with my teaching, my practice and formulating nutritional supplements.


Around five years ago,  pressures and demands in life began to gradually build. Without realizing it, I began to give too much of myself to everything and everyone that was demanding of my time and energy without leaving any left for myself.  My desire has been and always will be to assist others on their journey towards living a healthier and more fulfilling life. However, the invaluable lesson I learned was the dire importance of allowing enough time to take care of myself as well. I took away from the lifestyle choices and principles that were a very necessary part of my healing. Therefore, my health gradually began to spiral downward.


For some time, I ignored it, perhaps, I was even too proud. I went against one of my most profound principles; I ignored the symptoms that my body was trying so hard to get my attention with.  Also, for some not too obvious reasons, I would slip and fall from time to time. I justified these falls by telling myself that it happens simply because I am always in a rush.  Over time, however, the falls became more frequent.


It was in November of last year, while exercising in my backyard, when I slipped and fell down an entire flight of stairs. Foolishly, I thought I’d be able to walk it off, as I had done so the past several times I’d fallen, but over time, the pain increased. The pain eventually became so unbearable that it threw off my entire routine and made it incredibly difficult for me to physically move, even the slightest bit, or function in any normal capacity. The specialists provided test results similar to those when I was first diagnosed at 19. Only this time around, I no longer had the resiliency of a 19 year old.


The diagnoses were all the same, leaving me initially in a state of complete shock and disbelief. Was I dreaming or was this really happening? The doctors I met with all pretty much said the same thing; I was simply lucky during the past years of being in good health or it was just in remission and they didn’t give proper credit to my  healthy lifestyle. As the pain continually grew stronger, my emotional and mental state began to plummet. Feelings of anxiety, fear, self-blame, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness began to overtake me. The doctors I met with offered medicine that simply wasn’t an option I would ever consider taking based on my fundamental beliefs. I felt like it was history repeating itself. Only differences this time around were that the drugs offered to me had fancier names and the pain I experienced felt even deeper and darker. I headed straight into a dark tunnel that was a physical and emotional catch 22. The physical pain and the feelings of hopelessness triggering and exacerbating one another.


Being in such an incredible amount of pain, I fell off track and got away from my daily health routines therefore, causing even more problems. I lost ¼  of my weight and could no longer maintain my practice. I isolated myself from everyone in my life, the only contact I had with anyone seemed to be the doctors and nurses I saw during my frequent trips to the ER. The tunnel I had entered was becoming increasingly deeper and darker as each day passed.


This continued till sometime in May, when I experienced a number of dreams and visions with messages from some of my closest and dearest mentors, when a shift  began. There was one dream in particular that had a very strong impact on me. It was a reminder, a wake up call, that all that I am seeking is right in front of me. I was too busy looking for answers in the wrong places when what I needed was to look within myself.


I began digging into my life and reflecting upon my lifestyle. I realized that there were certain areas in my life that needed to be reevaluated. For the past four years, I wasn’t doing enough of what I had been preaching. Those familiar with my ideology know that I always talk about being mindful and paying attention to the symptoms our bodies give us and signs the universe sends us. I realized that I hadn’t been completely authentic to my own ideology for the past few years. I had many symptoms from my body and signs from the universe such as my pain and continual falls. My health would have stopped heading into a downward spiral had I saved enough energy for myself and paid attention to these symptoms. I stopped trying to fight what was happening to me and instead became receptive to the symptoms and messages I had been given. I searched deeper into my life and examining my beliefs, thoughts and expectations. I began applying all of the lifestyle choices that I needed to get better mentally, emotionally and physically. I realized that I had to do what I had done years ago which was think and act outside of the box when it came to the medical facts and statistics I was faced with. I had to enter into the dimension of infinite possibilities and hence create a new reality. When all of these factors came into play, my healing journey began.

I’ve learned a great deal on this journey. There have been many trials and errors along the way, many mistakes made and different paths taken, so many in fact that it would take an entire book to share these with you. The point is that it took quite a bit of time. There were numerous challenges and obstacles to overcome, new ideas and techniques to incorporate,  but little by little my life has gone from being a dark and hopeless statistic to one filled with hope and  possibilities.

I have always believed that everything happens to us for a reason, that each experience helps us to evolve, improve our perspective on life, awaken to the life we are meant to live and find our purpose; now that belief is ingrained in me more than ever. I am grateful for all that has happened during this past year, it has reminded me of all that I value in my life, how blessed I truly am and has inspired me to get on my path.

My mission in life is to serve the needs of humanity on their journey toward optimal wellness as best as I  can. I am dedicated to living the healthiest life possible so that I am able to assist others on their journey. This is the mission I have been lead to and I humbly consider it as a profound blessing in my life. It is my intention to raise awareness to the best of my ability. I have experienced what life is like without hope, I remember feeling as though my life had been reduced to being nothing more than a medical statistic. I ask that you join me in supporting one another on our lives journeys, bringing awareness, hope and love into the lives of those  in need.

Let’s get outside of the box of statistics and probabilities and enter the realm of possibilities to create an enlightened destiny for ourselves and all of humanity.

Let us create a better world together…


With Much Love, Blessings & Gratitude,


Jacob Hoban

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