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Through a great deal of experience, I have learned about the incredible power of intention. It is what determines your path in life. Many times, we project negative outer influences such as fear and anger into our lives without realizing it. The projected negative feelings become our intention and our judgement.

For example, let’s say you grew up in a broken home and now as an adult you are fearful of your relationship ending badly, you are projecting those fears onto your relationship which then over time will affect your relationship negatively.

Instead, if you consciously choose to appreciate your relationship and understand where the root of your intentions are coming from, you can use them as an opportunity to create an internal shift and transform your life.

By filling your life with positive influences and intentions, there will be no room for the negative. This is a responsibility for you, and a universal law. We all have the capacity to replace fear with love. In caring for ourselves, we care for each other.