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The harmonious sound of the flute exists because of the breath of the musician playing it.  The breath of the reed player actually gives purpose to the life of the reed, just as our spirits blow life into our bodies.

The flute is a very simple, yet elegant instrument.  An empty tube with just a few holes, it can create melodic sounds and amazing harmonies.  Your existence is like this flute, and the quality of music played depends on the level of the musician’s skill.  A flute will play beautiful notes when all of the holes are used properly.  Similarly, your life will play harmonious music when you apply all Seven Aspects of Optimal Wellness.  The more skillful you become, the more beautiful your tune.  When different aspects of your life are in harmony, your life will be in balance.  Therefore, no aspect of life must be ignored.  As one carefully plays the other holes, a range of sounds are released from the other end of the flute.  This becomes the opus of your life.

Blow weakly, with little spiritual energy, and the quality of your music will suffer.  Ignore where you place your fingers, and the melody will be lost.  For instance, if you look after your body, but forget about the other aspects, there will be only one or two notes played.  They may be powerful notes, but they won’t produce a symphony.

Every person is like a flute, and each of us has an individual, specific song to play.  No song is better than the other, just unique, like each individual.

Once someone learns how to use and manage the holes of their flute, beautiful music will be heard.  If each person blows his reed with a strong and powerful breath, it will play a magnificent melody as part of the universal orchestra.  If you want to make great music, you must engage the whole instrument, and your whole being.

– Dr. Jacob Hoban

This is an excerpt from the newest edition of the book ‘Health Wanted, Inquire Within’ by Dr. Hoban, available for purchase in the coming year. Please visit www.DrHoban.com to learn more about Dr. Hoban’s teachings, messages & consultations.