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It is only through a balance of emotional mastery, global responsibility, environmental respect, and spiritual awakening that we can obtain long-lasting results in our lives.   Life can be so amazing when we live in harmony with everything around us.   If we can just learn to get out of our own way, put aside our ego, follow our heart, and live our lives with love, rather than fear, the dynamics of our personal universe will begin to change.   Your new life can begin right now, this minute!  All you have to do is take the first step with one basic, yet remarkably simple concept:

Focus on what you want — the positive.

As you begin to unravel the meaning of each layer of wellness, you’ll begin to see the fundamental nature of true health.  And the way to attain this true health is to reinforce what’s right with your life, rather than focusing on what’s wrong.

(This is an excerpt from the newest edition of the book ‘Health Wanted, Inquire Within’ by Dr. Hoban, available for purchase in the coming year.)