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One of the most important factors for promoting good health and preventing disease is the natural detoxification of our bodies. But if we don’t keep that self-cleaning system running properly, it will slowly break down, and eventually stop working. Think of an automobile. If you drove a car for 50,000 miles and never changed the oil, tuned it up, put in new spark plugs, or changed the air filters, your car would completely stop operating, or chug down the road at best.
Our bodies are very much the same, but thankfully, we have a built-in elimination system to use to our advantage.

When we take good care of ourselves, we have the miraculous ability to continually rejuvenate our body provided we absorb the proper nutrients. But some people’s bodies are so toxic, their digestive system simply doesn’t work. As an example, a morbidly obese person might crave and consume large quantities of food, yet in reality, he or she could actually be starving to death internally. That’s because If the body experiences malabsorption (the inablity to utilize and break down nutrients), a person can continue to eat, and eat, and eat, and still feel hungry, the non-utilized food ultimately getting deposited into his or her tissues, then stored as fat.

Similarly, a person who is concerned about their weight might gravitate to low fat or diet foods. The problem is that few of those foods have all the vital nutrients that our bodies need. When we consume them, our body robs our healthy cells to make up the deficiency. Then our body signals that it’s hungry, and thus encourages us to eat more. If we then eat more low fat or diet foods, the cycle just continues, and we become less and less healthy.

When you incorporate a healthy nutritional and exercise program into your daily life, your body will naturally respond by first dumping out the unhealthy substances that it’s been storing or recycling. Suddenly, toxins will begin draining from the tissues and into the bloodstream, then make their way to the elimination stations of the liver, kidneys and intestines. This process is a good thing, but bear in mind that high levels of toxins moving through the lymphatic system can be uncomfortable, which is why, in most cases, the detoxification process should be monitored by a health care professional.

(This is an excerpt from the newest edition of the book “Health Wanted, Inquire Within” by Jacob Hoban)