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Science and research has shown that our bodies are composed of 75 percent water and 25 percent matter. Water is essential in providing nourishment, eliminating waste and regulating every function of our body. Bottom line upfront….we need water.

Unfortunately, modern societies at large rarely credit water for what it truly is….the most significant of nature’s nutrients. At present, populations across the globe are substituting water with other elixirs, including, but not limited to; tea, coffee, alcohol “vitamin water”  and other manufactured beverages.

Regrettably, what the majority of us fail to recognize is that the natural thirst signal we all experience on daily basis is simply our body’s innate need and most basic desire for pure, plain drinking water. Instead, more often than not, a great majority of us opt for other beverages, all in the belief that these beverages will somehow satisfy our  bodies  and satisfy our unquenchable thirst.

This is a false belief…