Health Linx® is a revolutionary line of nutrient-dense, all-natural supplements receiving world-wide acclaim. Committed to providing the most complete array of nutrition, Dr. Hoban uses whole foods and herbs in his formulations, as opposed to many commercial products that use isolated extracts, relying on the power of micro-nutrients and balance to achieve maximum benefit. Numerous studies have garnered much knowledge about the resources in nature, yet much of nature’s healing powers have yet to be discovered. For this reason, Health Linx® provides the full spectrum of nutrient delivery by offering health as nature intended in its bio-available form.

 Knowledge of herbs and nutrition is one thing, but Dr. Hoban’s extensive knowledge is put to use with his art of combining and creating formulas that work. Based on his research, intuition and 20+ years’ experience for his craft, Health Linx® is a supplement line that guarantees quality and care. With over 45 products designed for your health, each stand alone as supplement aids, and are also synergistically compatible with other Health Linx® formulas. Our products are designed to be easily assimilated and utilized throughout the body.

 Before any new ingredient is approved for use in a new or existing product, the ingredient is extensively assessed for safety and effectiveness. Clinical studies test the formulas and potencies, and human clinical trials are performed around the world to evaluate nutritional activity with gene expression of various groups of people.

 Health Linx® products have set health industry precedence for nutritional science. From overseeing the ingredients to sealing the bottles, Dr. Hoban’s quality control team monitors every step of the manufacturing process.

 Both healthcare professionals and our extensive client base report benefits in physical and mental function. Our products have advanced the opportunity for everyone to achieve his or her genetic potential through nutrition.