My philosophy in holistic medicine is to attend to the complete picture of wellness by encouraging self-responsibility. There is no greater achievement than to attain harmony within our bodies, minds and spirits. Traditional medicine can help assist in times of crises; however the power of natural healing is a tremendous tool to use for optimal health. Our body is your greatest instrument and our health is a reflection of the way we care for that instrument. I want to encourage you to take the reign and attend to your individual needs by using the principals below.7 Aspects of HealthPersonal & Global Responsibility

One of the most fundamental steps to wellness is claiming responsibility for ourselves and our world. On a global level, we’ve given our power to advertising agencies, doctors, fast-food chains, pharmacies and oil companies. Personally, every choice we make

either detracts power from our lives or empowers our lives. In giving our power to external sources, we passively agree with their conditions and relinquish control. But, we do have a choice, and it can be made right now. We have the choice to take our power back. We have created this world as we know it and beginning now; we can help create a new world that will support the best life possible.

Balanced Lifestyle

Everything we suffer from, be it poverty, weight issues, ill health or unhappiness comes from a lack of balance. Balanced lifestyles don’t happen because we do everything perfectly; the idea is to create equilibrium within ourselves. Through this type of balance, you can attain what you desire.

Environmental Respect

Environmental respect entails an understanding of the importance of our earth – the soil, the air, the water and social influences. The Earth is the pharmacy that the body needs. To realize how beautiful and magical this place is. We should do nothing but cherish and honor the land as it provides an abundance of wealth for our everyday use. We have grown accustomed and take advantage of what we have free in this world. For our health, we must not overlook this important element of our existence but instead respect and revere its gift to our lives.

Bodily Care

If we are not healthy in body, the other aspects of wellness; the Mind, Emotions and Spiritual connectedness, are that much more difficult to achieve. Although there are guidelines to general wellness, every individual has different needs for food, supplement and support. My belief is that to help cultivate a system of health requires individualized attention to each unique body.

Emotional Mastery

Emotions are expressions of energy, and have a profound affect not only on ourselves, but on those around us. Although we feel emotions internally, their energies are transmitted outward, affecting those in our contact. Being controlled by emotions can be detrimental to our health as it rapidly compounds a negative state of stress on the body and dampens the spirit. Emotional mastery is a skill that can be learned via the mind and the soul. For wellness, emotional stability must be achieved, augmented by the natural state of peace and joy of the spirit.

Mind Awareness

The mind is perhaps the most amazing tool available to the human being. In my opinion, in order to master your life, you must master your mind. This concept comes from the power of belief. Many say, “You are what you eat” or “You are what you think.” It is more accurate to say “You are what you believe.” No matter how conscientious we are about diet, exercise or even positive thinking, what we believe will affect our state of well-being greater than any of the other concepts put together. It’s from this basis (our belief system) that everything else manifests.

Spiritual Awakening

There is pure beauty in this world and it resides within us. This beauty is alive, active and free. It is a light of divinity that inspires and endures. With the awareness of our true self, we will find a liberation and peace that dwells in this place of divinity – it is who we are. Having awareness and awakening to this truth is an essential part of healing on a whole level.

“Healing is a personal journey. As I heal others, I am healed; as I teach, I learn. Every client is a teacher to me. We are all here together on this healing journey. We are all here to grow.”